Put me on your cupcakes!

So there’s this awesome website called Bake It Pretty – if you haven’t been there yet, you really really must. And if cutesy adorable baking supplies weren’t enough of a reason, here’s another one… to VOTE FOR MY CUSTOM SPRINKLE MIX! So there’s this contest, okay? And one of my custom sprinkle combinations was chosen as a finalist! The name is “Hello Kitten”, and SHUT THE FRONT DOOR, what little girl wouldn’t want this on their damn cupcakes? Hell, there are little boys out there that would love it too. For that matter, there are BIG boys and girls who would kill for this stuff. Seriously. Hearts, pink sugar bubbles, and pearly white sprinkles?

So get thee to the following link: http://www.bakeitpretty.com/blog/2010/05/vote-for-the-ultimate-sprinkle-mix/ and vote for me!!!

Okay, shameless self-promotion is now complete. πŸ™‚